You can change the character who will transfer to the Gatebox.

①MENU button

To show [GATEBOX APP MENU] and access to each mode.

②Character profile

Show the character's profile.

③Transfer button

Tap to transfer a character to the Gatebox.

④Character icon

Tap to show each character's profile page.

Character change

Change the character
①Tap the character icon who you want to transfer in the Gatebox.
②Tap [転送する]
③Tap YES on the character calling check screen
④Check the transfer condition in [CHARACTERS] screen
If the character change succeeds, the transfer button becomes [転送済み] and the character calling screen will be shown in the Gatebox.

Hold the Gate button to call the character.

※The transfer might take some time, please do not control anything until the process completes.

If there is no progress and [転送中] keeps showing, please check the main power of the Gatebox is turned ON or not.